The Juice Cleanse

I heard the ping-pong of my Whatsapp messages coming in… I knew it was Danielle because she always message me during the day! Usually it is: What are you doing? or asking me to run an errand. However, today it was totally different! ‘Have you got a juicer? I know you always have electrical equipment … More The Juice Cleanse

Carpre Diem

At high school, our motto was “Carpre Diem”( seize the day). I never really gave much thought to the meaning g of the inscription on my school badge at all… Later on in my life, as I grew older and wiser and took on more responsibilities, the meaning of those two words “Capre Diem” became … More Carpre Diem

My Grandmother

Today would have been my Grandmother’s 115th birthday! Happy Birthday Grandma. May your beautiful soul rest in peace and harmony in that place of milk and honey that you used to talk about. Those memories of our weekly visits to your “new testament church” is still fresh in my mind. As an eleven year old … More My Grandmother

Stop the Excuses!

Originally posted on Giggles & Tales:
One of my best moments of the day is when I settle down to surf the internet. It’s a daily routine I enjoy. My companion for this daily act is always my favorite cup of tea. It keeps me warm, especially now when the cold is gathering momentum, making…

Identity Crisis and Empty Nest Mums

On Monday November 30,2015,The Daily Mail newspaper published an article written by medical correspondent, Ben Spencer, entitled “Empty Nest Mums are Britain’s Worst Problem Drinkers”. The findings and information revealed in this article are very disturbing and raises many questains about our modern consumer society. According to the article, two fifths of middle -age-mothers admit … More Identity Crisis and Empty Nest Mums